Saturday, February 25, 2012

Holistic Gals Thinny 'Fries'

Holistic Gals Thinny 'Fries'

Ahhhh, fries! You'll be hard pressed to find someone who dislikes these crispy little spuds! Undoubtedly one of my favorite foods, for sure! Reminiscent of youth, and all things that were simple and joyful.  However, I now enjoy them baked and not fried, I actually think they taste better without the copious injection of lard. I'm positive that I certainly am not the only one, nor the first, and certainly not the last to put up a recipe of a healthy french 'fry'... but, I digress, and still want to share my simple method, hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Things you'll need
Preheated oven at 450 degrees (15 minutes is good)
Nonstick Baking sheet and/or a piece of foil
Ziplock bag (or similar type bag) or a bowl
2 Potatoes
Few generous shakes of dried Thyme & Oregano
Few generous shakes of Garlic powder
Salt & Pepper to taste
Few shakes of Paprika
3-4 Tbsp Olive oil
(If you have a favorite herb that you want to add and think it would be a nice addition, go for it!-Rosemary or a bit of sage would probably be great!)

*Serves 2

Step 1;
Take your potatoes (washed and patted dry) and slice them in half length wise, then keep slicing them length wise till it looks like the above photograph! 

Step 2;
Take your ziplock bag (or bowl) and throw the potatoes in there, then add all other ingredients. Take that bag and give it a real good shake and feel it up! I mean make sure every nook and cranny has been evenly coated with the oil and herb goodness!


Step 3;
Grab your baking sheet and lay it with foil, spray the foil with an oil mister or baking spray, not a lot,  just enough to ensure the potatoes won't stick. 

Lay your potato slices on the foil and pop those babies in the oven! After the first 15 minutes, flip them and let them cook for an additional 15 minutes,  after that if you want them even crunchier, let it cook for another 5 minutes, then take them out!

Ready to serve!

I Paired this with my 'Thinny aioli', granted it doesn't really taste like the fat filled mayo version, it has more of a tang cause I used greek yogurt, but It's great anyways! and if your a garlic lover, like myself, this is for you, if not...pass on the 'aioli' and stick with the good old stand by,  Ketchup.  Or whatever else you like. 

The simple 'Thinny aioli'
3 heaping Tbsp of Greek yogurt, 1 or 2 garlic (2 if your really like that intense flavor)cloves minced then mash it some more till it forms a paste with your knife, then add it to the yogurt,  a drizzle of Olive oil, few dashes of salt, and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, mix that all up well, then put it in the fridge for at least 40 minutes. Garnish with
dried Oregano if desired.



  1. Can't believe these fries are healthy! They look better than chips and wedges :D
    Nice recipe and look forward to more!

    Choc Chip Uru
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    1. THANKS!! ;) LOVE YOUR NAME ...haha gobakeyourself!

  2. nice and healthy potato wedges.

    1. Healthy indeed Kanan! :) Thanks for stopping by!