Friday, March 9, 2012

Easy Green bean salad

Serves 4

*Things you'll need*
16 oz green beans (for ease I used the steam fresh bag)
1/2 onion sliced (red would have worked better, but I didn't have one on hand)
1 can cannellini beans
italian dressing (my family loves 4 seasons, so I have to use that, its good-but there is sugar in it)
vinegar or Lemon
salt,pepper, garlic powder, oregano
5 oz feta cheese(or more, or less-your preference)
about 10-12 small green olives-Kalamatta would be great as well!

Step 1
Steam green beans- or use the steam fresh bag

Step 2
Drain your can of cannellini beans and rinse, heat them up in a small pot- add salt-pepper -garlic powder- oregano..mix well. Slice your onion, and 5 oz of Feta cheese don't forget to add the olives! Put it all in a bowl

Step 3
Once green beans are done add that with the rest of the ingredients, Pour your dressing (just eyeball it, and taste) and extra vinegar if desired, or lemon. I like mine with a little extra vinegar or lemon, I like how the acid brings the flavors out! If you don't want to use Italian dressing, just use Olive oil and vinegar (or lemon) Add salt pepper to taste. And serve while its still warm, or chilled!



  1. this looks great. i need as many "thinny" recipes as I can get :-) glad to meet you through foodbuzz

  2. Thanks for stopping by! pleasure to meet you as well!